About Program

Considering enormous biotechnology role that will continue to grow in a rapid way, many high school graduates are willing to study biotechnology science. Students who are interested in the application of biotechnology science in medicine and pharmaceuticals, forensics, agriculture, food, energy, and the environment may well consider pursuing a career in this field. Rapid development in the biotechnology field is promising to revolutionize human life towards a much better future, establish small and large scale industries in the biotechnology field and create new economic waves. In brief, biotechnology is a field that has astonishing prospects in the future. With the advancement of science and technology, people began to develop biotechnology towards Modern Biotechnology, which is a molecular biotechnology that has entered many sectors of industry and service in various fields, among other plant, medical and forensic, food, and the environment. With the genetic engineering techniques, humans began trying to modify the ordinary characteristics of an organism into the extra-ordinary characteristics that can give much more benefits to human interests. Three new scientific areas that are very rapidly growing (booming) in the 21st century are Information Technology, Nanotechnology and Biotechnology. The rapid development of the three areas is followed by the establishment of thousands of industry that greatly enhance entrepreneurship opportunities in these areas. Thus, the world recently demands a lot of graduates in the biotechnology field and this demand will continue to increase in the future.

Vision Mission


"to be the leading biotechnology study program in indonesia that carries out the implementation, development and innovation of microbial and plant biotechnology based on indonesian natural resources."


"to produce human resources with character, excel in scientific knowledge and the skills in the microbial and plant biotechnology field as well as able to advance him/herself to a higher level; to develop science and technology and to encourage the application of microbial and plant biotechnology innovation by utilizing local/indonesian biodiversity resources for the sake of human welfare."

Program Name Biology ( Accredited)
Degree Sarjana Sains (S.Si.)
Program Duration 4 year(s)
Requirement High School (SMA) graduate from Natural Science (IPA) class
Campus Location Tenggilis Campus
Faculty Biotechnology
  • Green House for learning and research
  • Microorganism biotechnology lab
  • Plant biotechnology lab
  • Teaching lab
  • Molecular Biology and Purification lab
  • More..
Contact Phone +62 31 2981399
Fax +62 31 2981278
Email biotek@unit.ubaya.ac.id
Future Careers
  • Entrepreneur
  • Research and development (r&d)
  • Quality control (qc)
  • Qualiaty assurance (qa)
  • Production
  • More..


The Faculty of Biotechnology curriculum is designed to produce highly qualified graduates with the competencies to excel, both in mastering the biotechnology science and in character. Thus, it is expected that the graduates will become a reliable individual and ready to advance in applying the knowledge into practice in the work field and succeed in facing the real world’s challenges. The study program offers 4 specialization areas namely: (1) Food Biotechnology; (2) Environmental Biotechnology; (3) Medical and Forensic Biotechnology; and (4) Plant Biotechnology. Major scientific areas studied on the program are Fermentation Techniques; Enzyme technology; Analysis of Microorganisms; DNA Analysis; Separation and Purification of Biological Products; Plant Tissue Culture; and Genetic Engineering.

1st Semester

71C1F3 Basic physics 2sks
71C1F2 Basic chemistry laboratory 1sks
71C1F1 Basic chemistry 3sks
71C1F4 Basic physics laboratory 1sks
71C1F5 Mathematics 3sks
71C1F6 Basic biology 3sks
71C1F7 Etics and introduction to biotechnology 2sks
0001XA Religion 3sks
  Total 18sks

2nd Semester

71C2F5 Basic biology laboratory 1sks
71C2F1 Analytical chemistry 3sks
71C2F2 Analytical chemistry laboratory 1sks
71C2F3 Organic chemistry 3sks
71C2F4 Basic microbiology 2sks
71C2F6 Cell biology 3sks
71C2F7 Plant morphology and anatomy 2sks
00141A Pancasila and civic education 3sks
  Total 18sks


3rd Semester

71C3F2 English language 2sks
71C3F1 Organic chemistry laboratory 2sks
71C3F3 Indonesian language 2sks
71C3F4 Microorganism analysis techniques 3sks
71C3F5 Biochemistry 5sks
71C3F6 Ecology and environmental biology 2sks
71C3F7 Plant physiology 3sks
71C3F8 Basic microbiology laboratory 1sks
  Total 20sks

4th Semester

71C4F8 Genetics 2sks
71C4F7 Microorganism analysis techniques laboratory 2sks
71C4F6 Microorganisms physiology 2sks
71C4F5 Animal physiology 3sks
71C4F4 Biomolecular spectroscopy 2sks
71C4F3 Biochemistry laboratory 2sks
71C4F2 Selecta capita 2sks
71C4F1 Molecular biology (1st) 5sks
  Total 20sks


5th Semester

71C5F6 Molecular biology (2nd) 3sks
71C5F3 Plant tissue culture laboratory 2sks
71C5F2 Plant tissue culture 2sks
71C5F1 Introduction to bioreactor 2sks
71C5F4 Biostatistics 3sks
71C5F5 Scientific research methods & presentation 3sks
71C5F7 Molecular biology laboratory 2sks
71C5F8 Fermentation technology 2sks
  Total 19sks

6th Semester

71C6F1 Introduction to bioinformatics 2sks
71C6F2 Enzyme technology 3sks
71C6F3 Fermentation technology laboratory 2sks
71C6F4 Environmental microbiology 2sks
71C6F5 Toxicology 2sks
71C6F6 Immunology 2sks
71C6F7 Purification of bioproduct 2sks
71C6F8 Purification of bioproduct laboratory 2sks
  Total 17sks


7th Semester

1000A001 Entrepreneurship and innovation 3sks
71C7F1 Business management 2sks
71C7F2 Bioindustry project 3sks
  Total 8sks

8th Semester

71C8F3 Final project (undergraduate thesis) 6sks
71C8F1 Internship 2sks
71C8F2 Regulation of bioindustry 2sks
  Total 10sks


Elective Courses

71B0P2 Nutrition & functional food biotech. 2sks
71B0T5 Post-harvest technology 2sks
71B0T4 Plant secondary metabolite 2sks
71B0T3 Phytopathology 2sks
71B0T2 Plant biotechnology 2sks
71B0T1 Plant propagation and conservation 2sks
71B0P7 Introduc of mushroom cultivation&process 2sks
71B0P4 Waste analysis and management 2sks
71B0P3 Food microbiology and chemistry 2sks


71B0K1 Medical microbiology 2sks
71B0P1 Food safety 2sks
71B0L4 Introduction to aquaculture 2sks
71B0L3 Soil microbiology 2sks
71B0L2 Bioremediation 2sks
71B0L1 Waste analysis and management 2sks
71B0K4 Forensic biology 2sks
71B0K3 Molecular & clinical diagnostic 2sks
71B0K2 Biopharmaceutical product 2sks


Biology Competencies

Competence to master the design and development of microorganism utilization process to produce a bi
Competence to master the design and development of plant utilization process (among others by tissu
Competence to master the techniques of microbiological analysis, biochemistry and DN fingerprinting
Competence to master and carry out genetic engineering for the construction and development of super
Competence to master and carry out methods of harvesting process, separation and purification biopro


Green House for learning and research
Microorganism biotechnology lab
Plant biotechnology lab
Teaching lab
Molecular Biology and Purification lab
Online library with reliable internet access
Comfortable classrooms with reliable multimedia devices
E-Learning website

University Facilities

1 Pharmacy
1 Futsal Field
1 Football Field
1 Climbing Wall
100+ Student Organizations
2 Basketball Fields (indoor-outdoor)
2 Badminton Fields
2 Volleyball Fields
2 Dental Services
2 Polyclinic
3 Campus Locations
3.000 Car Parking Space
4.000 Bike Parking Spaces
59 State of the Art Laboratory
Canteen and Minimarket
6 Stories Library
100% AC and Multimedia equipped Classrooms
Wifi hot spots

Future Careers

Research and development (r&d)
Quality control (qc)
Qualiaty assurance (qa)
Technical marketing
Customer technical service
Genetic engineer
Protein engineer
Molecular biologist
Environmental microbiologist


2014 Best presenter on International Conference on challenges in IT, Engineering and Technology (ICCIET'2014) - Phuket , Thailand
2014 Penerima Beasiswa Pendidikan Lanjut program Doktoral dari DIKTI : Beasiswa Pendidikan Pascasarjana Luar Negeri (BPP-LN)
2014 Penerima Dana Hibah Penelitian DIKTI th 2014
2014 Penerima Dana penelitian Program Hibah Kompetitif Nasional, Skim MP3EI th 2014
2014 Medali Perak Cabang Biologi (ON MIPA-PT) Tingkat Nasional 2014
2014 Medali Perunggu Cabang Biologi (ON MIPA-PT) Tingkat Nasional 2014
2014 Penerima Hibah Penelitian program PKM-P DIKTI = 7 kelompok mahasiswa
2013 Penerima Dana Hibah Penelitian Desentralisasi DIKTI th 2013
2013 Medali Emas Bidang Biologi (ON-MIPA-PT) Tingkat Nasional 2013

Staff Program Biology

Ahmad Miftah Fajrin S.Kom., M.Kom.
Aloysia Vira Herawati S.S., M.Hum.Rights Edu.
Aluisius Hery Pratono S.E., M.D.M., Ph.D.
Ardhia Deasy Rosita Dewi S.TP., M.Sc.
Brian Kurniawan Jaya S.Ds., M.A.
Christabel Annora Paramita Parung S.T., M.Sc.
Devi Rachmasari S.S., M.M.
Dian Noeswantari S.Pi., M.PAA., CIQaR
Dian Prianka S.T., M.A., CDMP
Djuwari S.T., Ph.D.
Dr. Dra. Mariana Wahjudi M.Si.
Dr. Dra. N.K. Endah Triwijati M.A.
Dr. Ir. Amelia Santoso IPU, CLTD
Dr. Ir. Popy Hartatie Hardjo M.Si.
Dr. Deddy Marciano S.E., M.M., CBC., CSA., CIB., CRP.
Dr. Dina Natalia Prayogo S.T., M.Sc.
Dr. Dini Kesuma S.Si., M.Si., Apt.
Dr. Gabriel Tirtawijaya S.Pi., M.Si., M.Eng.
Dr. Idfi Setyaningrum S.Si., M.Si.
Dr. Marlina Br Purba S.H., M.Hum.
Dr.rer.nat. Theresia Desy Askitosari S.Si., M.Biotech.
Dr.rer.nat Sulistyo Emantoko Dwi Putra S.Si., M.Si.
dr. Risma Ikawaty Ph.D.
Drs. Mangihot Tua Goeltom M.Sc.
Esti Dwi Rinawiyanti S.T., MBA., Ph.D.
Faizal Susilo Hadi S.E., M.SM.
Fenny Irawati S.Si., M.Si.
Fitri Dwi Kartikasari S.Si., M.Si.
Henry Hermawan S.T., M.Sc.
Herman Susanto S.T., M.Sc.
Honey Wahyuni Sugiharto Elgeka S.Psi., M.Ed.
Inge Christanti S.S., M.Hum.Rights Prac., CIQaR
Jerry Agus Arlianto S.T., M.T.
Johan Sukweenadhi Ph.D.
Marcellinus Ferdinand Suciadi S.T., M.Comp.
Mario Christian Noer Tjahyanto S.S., M.Pd.
Maya Hilda Lestari Louk S.T., M.Sc.
Michelle Kristina S.H., M.Kn.
Nabbilah Amir S.H., M.H., C.M.C., C.C.D.
Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Maria Goretti Marianti Purwanto
Prof. Ir. Lieke Riadi Ph.D.
Prof. Ir. Markus Hartono S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D.,CHFP.,IPM.,ASEAN Eng.
Prof. Elieser Tarigan S.Si., M.Eng., Ph.D.
Prof. Restu Kartiko Widi S.Si., M.Si., Ph.D.
The, Jaya Suteja S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Tjie Kok S.Si., M.Si., Apt., Ph.D.
Wina Dian Savitri S.Si., M.Agr.
Windra Prayoga S.TP., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Yayon Pamula Mukti S.TP., M.Eng.
Yenny Hartanto S.S., S.E., M.Pd.
Yulanda Antonius S.Si., M.Sc.