About Program

The Master of Pharmacy study program was established with the official authorization by the Decree No. 649/DT/2005 dated 3 March 2015 from the Ministry of National Education; Directorate General of Higher Education. It focuses on the concept of pharmacy educational services for the business & industry community as well as pharmacy services. Ubaya Master of Pharmacy study program offers 2 interest areas/concentrations namely Clinical - Community Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science - Industrial Pharmacy which received “B” accreditation as administered on an Indonesian National Accreditation Board of Higher Education Institutions (BAN-PT) decree 002/BAN-PT/Ak-X/S2/V/2012, dated 16 May 2012. The clinical pharmacy concentration is equipped with clinical pharmacy practice by applying knowledge of therapeutic, drug selection based on a variety of disease conditions, the therapeutic analysis with monitoring so that together with other health personnel can optimize therapeutic outcomes. The pharmaceutical science - industrial pharmacy concentration is equipped with practice experience and knowledge and development of New Chemical Entities (NCE), the development of production, drug preparations, and the analysis development in Quality Control, regulation of drug preparations and design of pharmaceutical industry.

Vision Mission


to be the world-wide recognized and excellent clinical pharmacy graduate school.


to produce highly qualified graduates in higher education who possess scientific competences, skills, and characters that are in accordance with the need to advance business and industry community; to advance research, application of science, technology and art in the context of its role as the partner of business and industry community; to facilitate the creation of an academic community that respects the values ​​of life (pro-life), humanism, democracy, that is realized within the frame of peace and justice; to manage necessary human resources, funding, facilities and infrastructure; to nurture partnerships with both national and international institutions.

Program Name Master of Clinical Pharmacy ( Accredited)
Degree Magister Farmasi (M.Farm)
Program Duration 2 year(s)
Requirement Professional Pharmacist graduate
Campus Location Tenggilis Campus
Faculty Pharmacy
Contact Phone +62 31 2981114 , +62 31 2981295 ,+62 31 2981213
Fax 031 2981296 ,2981113
Email farmasi@ubaya.ac.id, clinicalpharmacys2@ubaya.ac.id
Future Careers



Master of Clinical Pharmacy Competencies

Through the implementation of lectures and practice with real case studies in the field, it is expec


University Facilities

1 Pharmacy
1 Futsal Field
1 Football Field
1 Climbing Wall
100+ Student Organizations
2 Basketball Fields (indoor-outdoor)
2 Badminton Fields
2 Volleyball Fields
2 Dental Services
2 Polyclinic
3 Campus Locations
3.000 Car Parking Space
4.000 Bike Parking Spaces
59 State of the Art Laboratory
Canteen and Minimarket
6 Stories Library
100% AC and Multimedia equipped Classrooms
Wifi hot spots

Future Careers


2014 Trainer: How to Improve Negotiation Skills in Hierarchical Setting: The Use of Leary�s Rose in a Communication Skills Training for Health Professionals in the 11th Asia Pacific Medical Education Conference (APMEC) 2014 organized by The Medical Education Unit , Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, National University of Singapore, 17-19 Jan 2014
2014 Visiting scholar at Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Thailand, in the field of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy, October 2014
2014 Grant from Mahidol University to present, as an oral presenter, a study at the 15th Asia Pacific Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 28-29 Nov 2014
2014 penerima penghargaan Care For Lupus SDF Awards 2014 untuk kategori
2013 narasumber the eighth Inochina conference on pharmaceutocal sciences (pharm Indochina VIII) 4-5 Desember 2013 di Vietnam

Staff Program Master of Clinical Pharmacy

Aditya Trias Pradana S.Farm., M.Si., Apt.
Anita Purnamayanti S.Si., M.Farm-Klin., Apt.
Dr. Dra. Azminah M.Si.
Dr. Dra. Christina Avanti M.Si., Apt.
Dr. Dra. Ririn Sumiyani M.Si., Apt.
Dr. Dra. Setiasih M.Kes.
Dr. Drs. Antonius Adji Prayitno Setiadi M.S., Apt.
Dr. Ketut Martiana, Sp OT.
Dr. Abdul Rahem M.Kes., Apt.
Dr. Agnes Nuniek Winantari S.Si, M.Si., Apt.
Dr. Aguslina Kirtishanti S.Si., M.Kes., Apt
Dr. Amelia Lorensia S.Farm.,M.Farm-Klin.,Apt.
Dr. Cecilia Brata S.Si., M.Pharm., Apt.
Dr. Dini Kesuma S.Si., M.Si., Apt.
Dr. Ediyono Sp.P
Dr. Farida Suhud M.Si., Apt.
dr. Heru Wijono Sp.PD, FINASIM
dr. Jordan Bakhriansyah Sp.JP.
Dr. Krisyanti Budipramana S.Farm., M.Farm., Apt.
Dr. Marisca Evalina Gondokesumo S.H., M.H., S.Farm., M.Farm-Kl
Dr.rer.nat. Maria Goretti Marianti Purwanto
Dr. Rika Yulia S.Si., Sp.FRS., Apt.
Dr. Widyati M.Clin, Pharm., Apt.
Dr. Yosi Irawati Wibowo S.Si., M.Pharm., Apt.
Dra. Sumartina, Apt., MARS
Dra. Endang Martiniani M.Pharm, Apt
Dra. Lucia Endang Wuryaningsih M.Si., Apt.
Dra. Mediana Hadiwidjaja M.M.
Dra. Nani Parfati M.S., Apt.
Drs. Lestiono, SpFRS, Apt.
Drs. Doddy De Queljoe M.S., Apt.
Drs. Preagusta Apt.
Drs. Ryanto Budiono M.Si.
Fauna Herawati S.Si., M.Farm-Klin., Apt
Franciscus Cahyo Kristianto S.Si., M.Farm-Klin., Apt.
Hotimah dr., Ph.D.
Ike Dhiah Rochmawati S.Farm., M.Farm.Klin.,Apt
Irta Windra Syahrial S.H., M.S.
Karina Citra Rani S.Farm., M.Farm., Apt.
Kusuma Hendrajaya S.Si., M.Si., Apt.
Lisa Aditama S.Si., M.Farm-Klin, Apt.
Ni Luh Dewi Aryani S.Si., M.Si., Apt.
Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Gunawan Indrayanto
Prof. Dr.rer.nat. A.M. Gunawan Indrayanto
Prof. Dr. Sri Sulihtyowati Soebagyo Apt.
Prof. Dra. Indrajati Kohar Ph.D.
Sentot Purwandi S.Si., M.T., Apt.
Steven Victoria Halim S.Farm., M.Farm., Apt.
Sylvi Irawati S.Farm., M.Farm-Klin.,Apt., Ph