About Program

The Management study program is committed to be an excellent and reliable study program in management education in order to produce highly competent graduates in managerial aspects who possess the entrepreneurial spirit, visionary leadership, character, humanist, and professionalism with the national and global insight through the development of curriculum appropriate to the needs of business and environmental developments, increased partnership and cooperation with business & industry and increased the excellence of each specialization.Through the development of curriculum and increased partnership, the program is expected to produce highly qualified Bachelor of Economics graduates who are intellectual and professional for the development of the business and industry. Program features: 1. Competencies of graduate are balanced between hard-competence dan soft- competence with priority given to partnerships among alumni who involve on the industrial business2. Create a strong leadership character with ethical and moral base3. Professionally implement the excellence of each specialization in order to achieve managerial competencies that can provide solutions in any business issues faced.

Vision Mission


to be an excellent and reliable program in management education.


to produce managerial officers who possess the entrepreneurial spirit, visionary leadership, character, humanist, and professionalism with the national and global insight for the development of business and industrial society.

Program Name Marketing Management (A Accredited)
Degree Sarjana Manajemen (S.M.)
Program Duration 4 year(s)
Requirement High School (SMA) graduate from all classes of Natural Science (IPA), Social Science (IPS), & Language (Bahasa) or graduate of related Vocational School (SMK)
Campus Location Tenggilis Campus
Faculty Business and Economics
Contact Phone +62 31 298 1235, +62 31 298 1139
Fax +62 31 298 1239
Email ekonomi@ubaya.ac.id


The program curriculum is designed compliant to the vision, mission, and objectives of the study program with its contents cover the concept and application of the material that are always adjusted to the external environment development aims to achieve an excellent and reliable learning process in management field. The quality of the curriculum is designed to support the learning process in order to produce graduates who are entrepreneurial, visionary leadership, humanist, and professional with national and global insight. It is always updated by making a fundamental change from the balanced aspect of hard-competence and soft-competence that strives to the vision, mission and goals of the study program. Thus, the current curriculum always keep up with the dynamics of change that is in conformity either with the Indonesian National Qualification Framework (KKNI) and AACSB International Accreditation for the fields of specialization in Marketing Management; Corporate Finance; Capital Markets, Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Empowerment; Business Networking Management as well as Service and Tourism Management.

1st Semester

30208Z Introduction to management 3sks
30203Z Introduction to macroeconomics 3sks
30204Z Introduction to business 3sks
30201Z Statistics for business i 2sks
30224Z Accounting principles i 3sks
30206Z Mathematics for economics 3sks
30202Z Introduction to microeconomics 3sks
  Total 20sks

2nd Semester

32325J Fundamentals of human resource mgmt 3sks
30222Z Legal aspect in economy 3sks
32326M Fundamentals of operational management 3sks
31338H Theory of micro economics 2sks
30223Z Introduction to financial management 3sks
31339H Theory of macro economics 2sks
32324I Fundamentals of marketing management 3sks
30320Z Business communication 3sks
  Total 22sks


3rd Semester

0001xA Religion 3sks
32340K Financial management 3sks
30520Z Business ethics 3sks
32340I Marketing management 3sks
32340J Human resources management 3sks
33321R Introduction to cost accounting 3sks
30220Z Statistics for business ii 2sks
32344M Operations management 3sks
  Total 23sks

4th Semester

32362I Selling management 3sks
32345M Quality management 3sks
30296Z Indonesian economy 3sks
30211Z Introduction to e business 2sks
00141A Pancasila and civic education 3sks
32341K Introduction to taxation 3sks
32343J Organizational behaviour 3sks
  Total 20sks


5th Semester

30240Z Entrepreneurship 3sks
32240M Managerial economics 3sks
32323J Cross-cultural management 3sks
33394S Management information system 3sks
32360I Consumer behaviour 3sks
30212Z Indonesian language & academic writing 3sks
32221M Quantitative method for decision making 2sks
  Total 20sks

6th Semester

30321Z Business feasibility study 3sks
32364I Retail marketing 3sks
30297Z Research methodology 3sks
30521Z Leadership in business 3sks
32361I Global marketing 3sks
  Total 15sks


7th Semester

32382I Marketing seminar 3sks
32393J Strategic management 3sks
  Total 6sks

8th Semester

30599Z Thesis 6sks
  Total 6sks


Elective Courses

33340R Management accounting 3sks
32367I Product and price management 3sks
32380I Market research 3sks


32463I Service marketing 3sks
32365I Marketing communication 3sks
32381I Marketing strategy 3sks
32366I E-marketing 3sks


University Facilities

1 Pharmacy
1 Futsal Field
1 Football Field
1 Climbing Wall
100+ Student Organizations
2 Basketball Fields (indoor-outdoor)
2 Badminton Fields
2 Volleyball Fields
2 Dental Services
2 Polyclinic
3 Campus Locations
3.000 Car Parking Space
4.000 Bike Parking Spaces
59 State of the Art Laboratory
Canteen and Minimarket
6 Stories Library
100% AC and Multimedia equipped Classrooms
Wifi hot spots



Staff Program Marketing Management

Adi Prasetyo Tedjakusuma B.Bus., M.Com
Agung Dony Setyawan, S.E.,M.M.
Allan Kuari S.T., M.M.
Andhy Setyawan S.Si., M.Sc.
Arif Herlambang S.Si., M.Si.,CRP.
Bertha Silvia Sutejo S.E., M.Si., CSA.
Christina Rahardja S.E., M.M.,CPM (Asia).
Daniel Soesanto S.T., M.M
Dr. Dra.ec. Liliana Inggrit Wijaya M.M., RFP-I., CFP., AEPP.
Dr. Drs.ec. J.L. Eko Nugroho M.Si.
Dr. Ir. Januar Heryanto M.S., M.B.A.
Dr. Deddy Marciano S.E., M.M., CSA., CBC
Dr. Dudi Anandya S.T., M.Si.
Dr. Erna Andajani S.T., M.M., CRM.
Dr. Noviaty Kresna Darmasetiawan S.Psi., M.Si., CBC.
Dr. Putu Anom Mahadwartha S.E., M.M., CSA.
Dr. Ronny S.Kom., M.Kom., M.H.
Dr. Stefanus Budy Widjaja Subali S.T., M.Si.
Dr. Werner Ria Murhadi S.E., M.M., CSA.
Dra.ec. Endang Ernawati M.Si., CSA.
Dra.ec. Indarini M.M., CPM (Asia).
Dra. Elsye Tandelilin M.M.
Dra. Irma Windra Syahrial M.M.
Drs.ec. Ahmad Zafrullah TN. M.S.
Drs.ec. Antonius Budhiman Setyawan M.Sc.
Drs.ec. Budi Setiorahardjo Ak.
Drs.ec. Johny Rusdiyanto M.M., CBC.
Edi Prasadja M.B.A.
Faizal Susilo Hadi S.E., M.SM
Fitri Novika Widjaja S.Si., M.MT.
Freddy Mutiara S.T., M.M.
Grace Felicia Djayapranata S.E., MBA.
Hari Hananto S.E., M.Ak.
Hayuning Purnama Dewi S.Sos., M.Med.Kom.
Idfi Setyaningrum S.Si., M.Si.
Ir. Drs. Setiadi Alim Lim Ak., M.Ak.
Ir. Hariadi Alim M.M.
Jeffrey Salvatore Julius S.Mn., M.Sc.
Juliani Dyah Trisnawati S.Si., M.M.
Lucas Andrianus Afandi S.E., M.M.
M.E. Lanny Kusuma Widjaja S.E., M.M., CBC.
Maria Eugenia Hastuti S.E., MDM.
Marianus Yohanes Gaharpung S.H., M.S.
Marwin Antonius Rejeki Silalahi S.E., MBA.
Mas Agung Hendro Koesoemo S.E., M.M.
Merry Diaz Angelia M.M.
Michael Christianto S.Kom., M.M.
Priscilla Puteri Jianto S.Farm., M.M., Apt.
Prita Ayu Kusumawardhany S.E.,M.M.
Prof. Drs.ec. Wibisono Hardjopranoto M.S.
Rahman Dwi Wahyudi S.T., M.T., MBA., IPM.
Siti Rahayu S.E., M.M.
Teguh Santosa, S.E.,S.Si.,M.M.
Veny Megawati S.T., M.M.
Widya Indah Nurmalasari S.E., M.M.