About Program

The study program received an “A” accreditation as administered on an LAM-PT Kes No. 0060/LAM-PTKes/Akr/Pro/I/2017. In the implementation of education and practical experience, the study program is oriented towards WHO standards where the graduates are expected to become professional healthcare workers with the following characteristics: 1. Possess strong character, care giver, leader, manager, communication, decision maker, teacher, lifelong learner, researcher, entrepreneur, & teamwork; and2. Competence to master pharmaceutical science and skills as well as practical experience in 4 pharmacy practice areas of clinical-community pharmacy, pharmaceutical science – technology and industrial pharmacy, analysis and regulation.In delivering the learning process, the program collaborates with National Agency of Drugs and Foods Control (Badan POM-BBPOM), East Java province Health Agency, BBPOM Surabaya, Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IAI) East Java and Surabaya branch, State-owned pharmaceutical Industry, National Private East Java and Foreign-owned enterprise, Public and private hospital minimum “B” type, state and private pharmacies, Pharmaceutical wholesalers, Pharmacy warehouse, Community Healthcare Center and visits to the Herbal, Cosmetic and Medical equipment industries.

Vision Mission


to be an excellent and international standardized pre-registration training program for pharmacists.


to produce highly competent graduates who possess global perspective so that they can take part in improving the quality of life in the local and international level (to produce global thinking pharmacists which enable them to participate in improving society's quality of life whether at local or international level) to educate prospective pharmacist in order to be competent and possess a high level of professionalism to carry out the pharmaceutical works as well as care for patients (competence-professional-caring) to deliver student-centered learning process (student-centered learning).

Program Name Pharmacist (A Accredited)
Degree Apoteker (Apt.)
Program Duration 1 year(s)
Requirement Bachelor of Pharmacy graduate
Campus Location Tenggilis Campus
Faculty Pharmacy
Contact Phone +62 31 2981110, 2981112, 2983118, 2981114
Fax +62 31 2981111
Email farmasi@ubaya.ac.id, apoketer@ubaya.ac.id
Future Careers


The curriculum is designed to respect the student’s choice to have practical experience in the areas of ​​Clinical Pharmacy or pharmaceutical science – technology and industrial pharmacy, although students are compulsory obtain practical experience on four (4) pharmacy practice areas of:- Regulation- Pharmacy- Clinical (Hospital)- Pharmaceutical Industry (drug) and distribution of drug preparations.The learning process and the practical experience are delivered through case-based learning; seminars; discussions; pharmacy-health counseling; the practical work on regulation, pharmacy, drug industry and distribution; hospital’s pharmacy services; guest lecture session; analytical practice at laboratories; scientific writing on the drug preparation formulation of non-sterile, sterile and cosmetic; implementation of Patient Medication Record to patients; feasibility study of establishing pharmacy store; the tax calculation; the cytostatics course and training; and mentoring by academics and practitioners.

1st Semester

A-1114 Compounding and dispensing 3sks
A-1121 Clinical pharmacy 2sks
A-1224 Hospital overview and matriculation 2sks
A-1115 Pharmaceutical care 2sks
A-1323 Pharmaceutical industry 3sks
A-1122 Applied therapeutics 2sks
A-1112 Medicines information 2sks
A-1116 Advance pharmacokinetics 1sks
A-1334 Intership in apotek (drug store) 6sks
A-1113 Pharmacy management 2sks
A-1118 Character development 1sks
  Total 26sks

2nd Semester

A-1222 Placement in pharmaceutical industry (minor) 2sks
A-1312 Intership in pharmaceutical industri 6sks
A-1233 Internship in goverment instiutional 2sks
A-1221 Placement in hospital (minor) 2sks
A-1311 Intership in hospital 6sks
  Total 18sks


3rd Semester

  Total 0sks

4th Semester

  Total 0sks


5th Semester

  Total 0sks

6th Semester

  Total 0sks


7th Semester

  Total 0sks

8th Semester

  Total 0sks


Elective Courses



Pharmacist Competencies


University Facilities

1 Pharmacy
1 Futsal Field
1 Football Field
1 Climbing Wall
100+ Student Organizations
2 Basketball Fields (indoor-outdoor)
2 Badminton Fields
2 Volleyball Fields
2 Dental Services
2 Polyclinic
3 Campus Locations
3.000 Car Parking Space
4.000 Bike Parking Spaces
59 State of the Art Laboratory
Canteen and Minimarket
6 Stories Library
100% AC and Multimedia equipped Classrooms
Wifi hot spots

Future Careers


2014 penerima penghargaan Care For Lupus SDF Awards 2014 untuk kategori Research Spronsorship Kategori All About Lupus untuk proposal penelitian berjudul: Efektivitas Organizer Patient Medication Records Dalam Pharmacovigilance Terapi Obat Pasien Systemic Lupus Erythematosus yang diadakan oleh Syamsi Dhuha Foundation (SDF)
2014 Grant from Mahidol University to present, as an oral presenter, a study at the 15th Asia Pacific Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infection, 28-29 Nov 2014
2014 Visiting scholar at Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Thailand, in the field of Pharmacy Practice and Clinical Pharmacy, October 2014
2014 Trainer: How to Improve Negotiation Skills in Hierarchical Setting: The Use of Learys Rose in a Com
2013 Juara I: Basket Putra Farmasi Cup UGM 2013 se Jawa-Bali penyelenggara UGM Yogyakarta , 5-12 Desember 2013
2013 Juara III: Lomba Airlangga Clinical Event ACE, penyelenggara BEM FF UNAIR Surabaya, 14 Desember 2013
2013 narasumber the eighth Inochina conference on pharmaceutocal sciences (pharm Indochina VIII) 4-5 Desember 2013 di Vietnam
2013 Juara I: Olimpiade Farmasi Indonesia (OFI) V Bidang Farmasi Klinis, penyelenggara Prodi Farmasi Fak.Ilmu Kesehatan Unmuh Malang , 25-30 November 2013
2013 Juara I: Lomba Konseling Segitiga Emas penyelenggara FF UNAIR Surabaya, 12 Mei 2013
2013 Juara II: LKTI Potensi Tepung Daun Katuk (Sauropus Androgynus) dalam menurunkan kolestroi kuning telur sebagai upaya preventif hiperkolesterolemia, tanggal 22 Maret 2013, diselenggarakan oleh Ubaya
2012 Juara II: Communication, Information, Education Therapeutic-Compettition (CIET-C) Tingkat Nasional, 3 November 2012, diselenggarakan oleh Himpunan Mahasiswa Farmasi Fakultas Kedokteran Univ. Brawijaya Malang
2012 Juara I: Olimpiade Farmasi Indonesia (OFI) IV, Bidang Farmakologi / Farmasi Klinis, diselenggarakan oleh FF Univ. Andalas, 20-23 September 2012
2012 Juara III: Lomba Mahasiswa Berprestasi Tingkat Kopertis Wilayah VII, diselenggarakan oleh Kopertis Wilayah VII, tanggal 27-29 April 2012
2011 Juara I: Olympiade Farmasi Indonesia, bidang Farmasi Klinis
2011 Penerima Dexa Award The Second Winner for Poster Presentation in 2nd ICPAPS 24 Juli 2011
2010 Penerima Award dari Alltech sebagai 1st Place Graduate Country Winner Alltech Young Scientist Competition 20 Juni 2010

Staff Program Pharmacist

Anita Purnamayanti S.Si., M.Farm-Klin., Apt.
Ari Setiawan, S.Si., Apt.
Dian Natasya Rahardjo S.Farm.,M.Farm-Klin.,Apt
Dr. Drs. Antonius Adji Prayitno Setiadi M.S., Apt.
Dr. Drs. A.J. Tjahjoanggoro M.Si.
Dr. Abdul Rahem M.Kes., Apt.
Dr. Aguslina Kirtishanti S.Si., M.Kes., Apt
Dr. Amelia Lorensia S.Farm.,M.Farm-Klin.,Apt.
dr. Bambang Hermanto M.Kes
Dr. Deddy Marciano S.E., M.M., CSA., CBC
Dr. Dini Kesuma S.Si., M.Si., Apt.
Dr. Oeke Yunita S.Si., M.Si., Apt.
Dr. Rika Yulia S.Si., Sp.FRS., Apt.
dr. Roostantia Indrawati M.Kes
Dr. Widyati M.Clin, Pharm., Apt.
Dra. Bekti Mardi Wijati Apt.
Dra. Elvi Setianingsih Suckristiana Apt.
Dra. Ferial Baswedan MM.Apt.
Dra. Lucia Endang Wuryaningsih M.Si., Apt.
Dra. Nani Parfati M.S., Apt.
Drs. Adi Suroso, Apt.
Drs. Robby Sondakh, MS., Apt.
Drs. Ali Syamlan M.Kes.,SE.,Apt.
Drs. Djunaedy M.M., Apt.
Drs. Mukhlis Apt.
Drs. Mursyam Apt.
Drs. Sadono M.Si., Apt.
Drs. Sugiyartono MS.Apt.
Drs. Totok Sudjianto MKes.,Apt.
Endang Wahyu Fitriani S.Farm., Apt., M.Farm.
Fauna Herawati S.Si., M.Farm-Klin., Apt
Franciscus Cahyo Kristianto S.Si., M.Farm-Klin., Apt.
Hanny Cahyadi S.Farm., M.Farm-Klin., Apt.
Ika Mulyono Putri Wibowo S.Farm.,M.Farm-Klin.,Apt
Ike Dhiah Rochmawati S.Farm., M.Farm.Klin.,Apt
Ir. Sukardi
Kusuma Hendrajaya S.Si., M.Si., Apt.
Lisa Aditama S.Si., M.Farm-Klin, Apt.
Ni Luh Dewi Aryani S.Si., M.Si., Apt.
Raswita Diniya S.Farm, Apt.
Ridlo Pahlavi S.Farm., M.Farm.Klin., Apt.
Roisah Nawatila S.Farm., M.Farm., Apt.
Sentot Purwandi S.Si., M.T., Apt.
Whenny Utoyo, S.Si., Apt.