About Program

The Informatics Engineering study program is a bachelor degree (S-1) program under the Faculty of Engineering. The program receives an “A” accreditation since 1998 until now. Informatics engineering is the science that studies the computer science, software technology and its application in the industrial world. Thus, the knowledge learned in Informatics Engineering is not just concept and theory but also the practical application of the knowledge. The Informatics Engineering graduates are expected to be capable of adapting quickly and keeping up with developments in the computer science field. The study program was established in 1986 with the official authorization by the Minister of Education and Culture Decree No.0729/0/1986. In 1994, the status of Informatics Engineering study program improved to “RECOGNIZED”. In 1998, Indonesian National Accreditation Board of Higher Education Institutions (BAN-PT) issued a decree No.002/BAN-PT/Ak-II/XII/98 awarded an “A” accreditation to the program. In Indonesia, there are only few Informatics Engineering study programs that received an “A” accreditation. Subsequently, in 2004, BAN-PT issued a decree No.016/BAN-PT/Ak-VII/S1/V/2004 that once again awarded an “A” accreditation to the Ubaya Informatics Engineering study program. This continues on accreditation in 2011 until now. Application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) covers all aspects of human life, both the world of science, business and industry, government, education, and social activities. The ICT is a profession that is rapidly growing and much absorbed in the business world. The study program learns the concepts and application of ICT in the various fields. Graduates are equipped with the competencies of programming and software development that are implemented in a computer, internet, and mobile communication.

Vision Mission


to be an excellent study program in informatics engineering field by producing highly competent graduates as well as works that are beneficial for society.


to produce graduates who excel on the higher education study of informatics engineering field that possess character, scientific competence, and skills to promote business and industrial society; to advance scientific research and application in accordance with its role as a partner of business & industrial society and government; to facilitate the creation of academic community that benefits the general public

Program Name Informatics Engineering ( Accredited)
Degree Sarjana Komputer (S.Kom.)
Program Duration 4 year(s)
Requirement High School (SMA) graduate from Natural Science class (IPA) or graduate of related Vocational School (SMK)
Campus Location Tenggilis Campus
Faculty Engineering
  • Computer Graphics lab
  • Multimedia lab
  • Computer Network Operation System practicum lab
  • More..
Contact Phone +62 31 2981395
Fax +62 31 2981151
Email if@unit.ubaya.ac.id
Website http://if.ubaya.ac.id
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Informatics Engineering Competencies


Computer Graphics lab
Multimedia lab
Computer Network Operation System practicum lab

University Facilities

1 Pharmacy
1 Futsal Field
1 Football Field
1 Climbing Wall
100+ Student Organizations
2 Basketball Fields (indoor-outdoor)
2 Badminton Fields
2 Volleyball Fields
2 Dental Services
2 Polyclinic
3 Campus Locations
3.000 Car Parking Space
4.000 Bike Parking Spaces
59 State of the Art Laboratory
Canteen and Minimarket
6 Stories Library
100% AC and Multimedia equipped Classrooms
Wifi hot spots

Future Careers

Staff Program Informatics Engineering

Ahmad Miftah Fajrin S.Kom., M.Kom.
Alexander Yohan S.Kom., M.I.M., Ph.D.
Aloysia Vira Herawati S.S., M.Hum.Rights Edu.
Aluisius Hery Pratono S.E., M.D.M., Ph.D.
Andre S.T., M.Sc.
Arizia Aulia Aziiza S.Pd., M.Kom.
Daniel Hary Prasetyo S.Kom., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Daniel Soesanto S.T., M.M
Devi Rachmasari S.S., M.M.
Dhiani Tresna Absari S.T., M.Kom.
Dian Noeswantari S.Pi., M.PAA.
Dina Natalia Prayogo S.T., M.Sc.
Djuwari S.T., Ph.D.
Dr. Dra. N.K. Endah Triwijati M.A.
Dr. Delta Ardy Prima S.ST., M.T.
Dr. Go Lisanawati S.H., M.Hum.
Dr. J.M. Atik Krustiyati S.H., M.S.
Dr. Jimmy S.T., M.I.S.
Dr. Joko Siswantoro S.Si., M.Si.
Dra. Anastasia Innurtrisniyati M.Si.
Drs. Heru Arwoko M.T.
Ellysa Tjandra S.T., M.MT.
Endah Asmawati S.Si., M.Si.
Esti Dwi Rinawiyanti S.T., MBA., Ph.D.
Felix Handani S.Kom., M.Kom.
Fitri Dwi Kartikasari S.Si., M.Si.
Hendra Dinata S.T., M.Kom.
Henry Hermawan S.T., M.Sc.
Herman Susanto S.T., M.Sc.
Inge Christanti S.S., M.Hum.Rights Prac.
Ir. Bambang Prijambodo M.MT.
Ir. Rudy Agustriyanto S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D., IPM.
Ir. Yohanes Gunawan Yusuf M.MT.
Jerry Agus Arlianto S.T., M.T.
Johan Sukweenadhi Ph.D.
Liliana S.T., M.MSI.
Lisana S.Kom., M.Inf.Tech., Ph.D.
Marcellinus Ferdinand Suciadi S.T., M.Comp.
Mario Christian Noer Tjahyanto S.S., M.Pd.
Maya Hilda Lestari Louk S.T., M.Sc.
Mikhael Ming Khosasih S.Kom., M.M., M.Kom.
Mohammad Farid Naufal S.Kom., M.Kom.
Nabbilah Amir S.H., M.H.
Nemuel Daniel Pah S.T., M.Eng., Ph.D.
Ng Melissa Angga S.T., M.M.Comp.
Njoto Benarkah S.T., M.Sc.
Rafina Destiarti Ainul S.ST., MT.
Remy Giovanny Mangowal S.Kom., M.T.
Stefanus Soegiharto S.T., M.Sc.
Sunardi Tjandra S.T., M.T.
Susana Limanto S.T., M.Si.
Susilo Wibowo S.T., M.Eng.
The, Jaya Suteja S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D.
Tyrza Adelia S.Sn., M.Inf.Tech.
Vincentius Riandaru Prasetyo S.Kom., M.Cs.
Yenny Hartanto S.S., S.E., M.Pd.
Yulanda Antonius S.Si., M.Sc.