About Program

Faculty of Law University of Surabaya established since 11 March 1968, and through the Decree of BAN PT (National Accreditation Institution for Higher Education) Number 1141/SK/BAN-PT/Ak-SURV/S/VII/2016 that valid until 19 December 2020, our institution accreditation is A.Faculty of Law University of Surabaya is Mono Program that is Science of Law Study Program. The academics management is conducted by department. There are 5 (five) departments called as Criminal Law department, Civil Law department, International Law department, State Administration Law Department; and Public Law (State Law) department, and each is managed by a head of department. There is also Non Department which is managing some courses excluded from departments above. The courses subjects are Introduction to Legal Science, Introduction to Indonesian Law, State Sciences, Philosophy of Law, Basic of Managements, Law and Social developments, Legal Writing, Legal Reasoning, Methodology of Law, English Course, and Educational and Training of Legal Skill. Faculty of Law offers some Major Courses called as Program Peminatan that can be choose by students after completed minimum 108 credits. The major courses are: Civil Law, Criminal Law, International Law, Administrative Law, and State Law. Each of them offers 7 subjects (14 credits). But students must passes minimum 5 subjects of its own major courses, and the other two subjects from other major courses. (called as cross major courses)

Vision Mission


to be a qualified faculty to fulfill the legal needed of society


1. to held legal higher education according to the development of national and international law2. to implement and to develop research and community service 3. to encourage the forming of law faculty’s community to participate actively in national and international level.

Program Name Law ( Accredited)
Degree Sarjana Hukum (S.H.)
Program Duration 4 year(s)
Requirement High School (SMA) graduate from all classes of Natural Science (IPA), Social Science (IPS), & Language (Bahasa) or graduate of related Vocational School (SMK)
Campus Location Tenggilis Campus
Faculty Law
  • Bureau for Legal Aid (BBH)
  • Bureau for Legal Service (KLH)
  • Special collection
  • Moot Court
  • Auditorium
  • More..
Contact Phone +62 31 298 1125, +62 31 298 1122
Fax +62 31 298 1121
Email hukum@ubaya.ac.id
Future Careers
  • Judge
  • Prosecutor
  • Police
  • Lawyer
  • Military
  • More..


The curriculum has been designed to fulfill the standards of National Higher Education according to the current development of law in society, with its courses subjects and contents adaption.

1st Semester

1201A0101 Introduction to legal science 4sks
1201A0102 Introduction to indonesia law 4sks
1201A0103 State science 4sks
1201A0146 English language 2sks
  Total 14sks

2nd Semester

1201A0205 Criminal law 4sks
1201A0204 Private law 4sks
1201A0206 Administrative law 4sks
1201A0207 Adat law 2sks
1201A0208 International law 4sks
1201A0245 Indonesia languange 2sks
  Total 20sks


3rd Semester

1201A014 Juridical procedures of civil 3sks
1201A009 State law 4sks
1201A013 Tax law 3sks
1201A012 Land law 4sks
1201A011 Trade law 3sks
1201A010 Juridical procedures of criminal 3sks
  Total 20sks

4th Semester

1201A021 Ocean law 2sks
1201A019 Partnership law 2sks
1201A020 Labor law 2sks
1201A018 Insurance law 2sks
1201A017 International civil law 2sks
1201A016 Agreement law 3sks
1201A015 Islamic law 2sks
  Total 15sks


5th Semester

1201A022 Human rights 2sks
1201A031 Juridical procedures of administration court 2sks
1201A030 International organization 2sks
1201A029 Collateral law 2sks
1201A028 Civics law 2sks
1201A026 Criminology and victimology 2sks
1201A024 Banking law 2sks
1201A023 Permission law 2sks
1201A027 Law and social alteration 2sks
  Total 18sks

6th Semester

1201A036 Legal investment 2sks
1201A038 Environmental law 2sks
1201A037 Juridical procedures of constitutional court 2sks
1201A035 Local government 2sks
1201A034 Legal drafting 2sks
1201A033 Economic crimes 2sks
1201A032 Transportation law 3sks
  Total 15sks


7th Semester

1201A039 Intellectual law 2sks
1201A040 Legal reasoning 2sks
1201A041 Legal reseach method 2sks
1201A042 Legal philoshophy 4sks
  Total 10sks

8th Semester

1201A043 Educational and training of legal skill 6sks
1201A044 Bachelor thesis 4sks
  Total 10sks


Elective Courses



Law Competencies

Competence to master basic legal knowledge
Competence to analyze the most contemporary legal issues occur in the society based on applicable In
Competence to master, analyze, and solve legal problems in accordance with the student’s interest an
Possess the legal skills
Competence to speak Indonesian well and properly, and able to speak English
Competence to communicate well, have a global insight, and master information technology
Competence to have self-reliance and be independent


Bureau for Legal Aid (BBH)
Bureau for Legal Service (KLH)
Special collection
Moot Court
Yustika Journal room
Classrooms equipped with multimedia and air conditioner
Consulting room (Academic Advisors)
Prayer room

University Facilities

1 Pharmacy
1 Futsal Field
1 Football Field
1 Climbing Wall
100+ Student Organizations
2 Basketball Fields (indoor-outdoor)
2 Badminton Fields
2 Volleyball Fields
2 Dental Services
2 Polyclinic
3 Campus Locations
3.000 Car Parking Space
4.000 Bike Parking Spaces
59 State of the Art Laboratory
Canteen and Minimarket
6 Stories Library
100% AC and Multimedia equipped Classrooms
Wifi hot spots

Future Careers

Legal officer
Entrepreneur and etc.


2018 Juara II Debat Nasional Airlangga Law Competition 2018
2018 Best Speaker - Airlangga Law Competition 2018
2018 Juara 1 Lomba Essay Dialektika Hukum Mahasiswa dengan tema: Peran Mahasiswa dalam Pembaharuan Hukum di Indonesia diselenggarakan oleh UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya
2016 Juara 3 Dr. Mochtar Riady Legal fair
2015 First Runner Up Pelita Harapan Business Law Competition
2015 Juara II Kompetisi Debat Nasional Hukum Sciencesational UI
2015 Juara II Debat Nasional Diponegoro Law Fair
2014 Juara I Kompetisi Debat Konstitusi se - Indonesia Timur
2014 Juara 3 Lomba Debat Ilmiah yang diadakan oleh Pusat Pelaporan dan Analisis Transaksi Keuangan
2014 Juara III Lomba Kompetisi Debat Konstitusi Antar Mahasiswa Perguruan Tinggi se- Indonesia Tahun
2013 Juara II Kompetisi Debat Hukum Nasional Diponegoro Law Fair 2013

Staff Program Law

Alexander Yohan S.Kom., M.I.M., Ph.D.
Aloysia Vira Herawati S.S., M.Hum.Rights Edu.
Aluisius Hery Pratono S.E., M.D.M., Ph.D.
Anton Hendrik Samudra S.H., M.H.
Bebeto Ardyo S.H., M.H.
Bertha Silvia Sutejo S.E., M.Si., CSA., CIB., CRP
Dinda Silviana Putri S.H., M.H.
Dr. Dra. Elsye Tandelilin M.M., HCM.
Dr. Dra. N.K. Endah Triwijati M.A.
Dr. Hj. Hesti Armiwulan S.H., M.Hum.
Dr. Elfina Lebrine Sahetapy S.H., LL.M.
Dr. Go Lisanawati S.H., M.Hum.
Dr. Hwian Christianto S.H., M.H.
Dr. J.M. Atik Krustiyati S.H., M.S.
Dr. Marlina Br Purba S.H., M.Hum.
Dr. Noviaty Kresna Darmasetiawan S.Psi., M.Si., CBC., HCM.
Dr. Sonya Claudia Siwu S.H., M.H., LL.M.
Dr. Suhartati S.H., M.Hum.
Dr. Sylvia Janisriwati S.H., M.Hum.
Dr. Wisnu Aryo Dewanto S.H., LL.M., LL.M.
Dr. Yoan Nursari Simanjuntak S.H., M.Hum.
Dra. Anastasia Innurtrisniyati M.Si.
Erly Aristo S.H., M.Kn.
Fransisca Yanita Prawitasari S.H., M.Kn.
Hayuning Purnama Dewi S.Sos.,M.Med.Kom.,M.M.,CPM(Asi
Heru Saputra Lumban Gaol S.H., M.H.
Jennifer S.H., M.H.
Marianus Yohanes Gaharpung S.H., M.S.
Marwin Antonius Rejeki Silalahi S.E., MBA., CRP., CSA.
Michelle Kristina S.H., M.H.
Muhammad Insan Tarigan S.H., M.H.
Nabbilah Amir S.H., M.H.
Peter Jeremiah Setiawan S.H., M.H.
Prita Ayu Kusumawardhany S.E., M.M., SCM.
Prof. Dr. Lanny Kusumawati Dra., S.H., M.Hum.
Rofi Aulia Rahman S.H., LL.M.
Sriwati S.H., C.N., M.Hum.
Suhariwanto S.H., M.Hum.
Tjondro Tirtamulia S.H., C.N., M.H.
Tutut Ferdiana Mahita Paksi S.H., M.H.
Utiyafina Mardhati Hazhin S.H., M.H.
Wafia Silvi Dhesinta Rini S.H., M.H.
Yaries Mahardika Putro S.H., LL.M.